About Us


Our Experience

SustainaBrew Consultancy was founded by a group of talented individuals who are passionate about the intersection of sustainability and brewing! We believe the brewing industry is rife with opportunity for creating more sustainable business practices, given the entrepreneurial and innovative nature of the brewing community. Let us help bring your brewery into the forefront of the sustainable brewing revolution to join sustainability pioneers like New Belgium and Sierra Nevada. 


Our Services

We offer an array of services that can be unbundled and customized to fit your specific needs such as:

  • Sustainability planning & reporting
  • Supply chain analysis and optimization
  • Operational sustainability audits
  • Customized sustainable marketing & branding strategy


Why Us?

Our consultants bring a passion for brewing and sustainability to every project we take on. Our mission is to provide guidance and customized solutions for the craft beverage industry to leverage operational and brand value through sustainable innovation.

Why should you consider sustainability for your craft beverage company?


The brewing industry has experienced steady growth since the craft brewing revolution beginning in the 1980s. However, the resource intensive nature of the brewing process has created unintended environmental degradation and operational inefficiencies. Due to these shortcomings, the growth of the brewing industry is slowing. While there are currently no companies assisting with these issues, SustainaBrew aims to fill this niche. SustainaBrew can help brewing industry actors identify and correct operational inefficiencies and reduce environmental degradation. This in turn will reduce costs, build brand loyalty, and create competitive advantage in a saturated market. 


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